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When it comes to electronic music, few of those in the contemporary domain can possibly compare to Mar-T. As resident at Amnesia, Ibiza, he has been responsible for many great nights on one of the world’s most celebrated dancefloors, whether that be as part of Music On, Cocoon or any number of the other parties he’s helped musically orchestrate over the past few summer. In typical Mar-T fashion, he’s bigger than ever right now, which perhaps explains why his label, WOW! Is currently making great traction and why his production endeavours (particularly his latest, Sake, on the Celesta label) are all signed off recently with the sort of panache we’d expect. Here, we checked in with him to find out more about the life and times of one of Ibiza’s most renowned tastemakers…

Where does your alias, Mar-T, come from?

It comes from a looong story! I just wanted to have a name similar to my real name and this one come to my head although there are more deep reasons which I can’t tell!

I believe that you grew up in Barcelona, right? What was the scene like then?

The scene in Barcelona was great at that time, very underground and only a very few clubs into electronic music. We really believed in the music and the clubbing scene then.

And what do you make of it now? It’s a great place to go partying, isn’t it?

Actually, there’s not so much on there nowadays… Barcelona should have much more going on and it’s quite basic and not so refreshing as it used to be.

Was it more magical back then? Or were you maybe just younger and more impressionable?

No, I think that now its more difficult to make something which is new and can surprise me but also clubbers don’t take it seriously. Now it’s more about drugs and music is in the second position, they want to listen to easy electronic music.

What was your first introduction to the music industry? What are your favourite and least favourite things about the dance music industry?

My first introduction was EBM, I was into Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Bigod 20, etc…. and then I moved to Joey Beltram and hard techno until I ended up in house music.

Do you think even underground sounds have become almost commercial these days?

Sure, clubbers have no so much patience as before and this makes djs and producers not be sure of making risky sounds or brake downs which makes music follow a very clear formula.

So do you prefer playing in Amnesia or in a small basement to 100 people?

I like both options…depends on the party!

What did you learn about yourself over the years from playing at Amnesia?

That you have to take yourself very seriously not to be affected by the crowd or the circumstances.

How much of your time do you dedicate to your label these days?

I dedicate more than ever as we are now focused on making the label grow more than before.

Can you talk us through your role at the label? What’s involved?

I’m the owner, I manage everything except the boring parts!

Do you share A&R duties with anyone else?

YES! I have Luca Donzelli working with me since a few months, he is doing great work and the label is really affected positively by his hard work.

What’s been your proudest moment at the label? Is the best yet to come?

I’m very proud every time I listen to all the classic big DJs play tracks from the label but I think that we still need to work hard to make it grow more.

Can you talk us through your latest EP on Celesta? Is it a bit of an unusual one for you?

Not really, its my progression inside house music, it’s a release which tries to bring the classic vibe of house with a modern view.

Should we be expecting more of the same from you over the next while? My next releases are more melodic but follow the same vibe except my remix for Freak Me, which is clearly more deep.

And when was the last time you felt especially inspired on the dancefloor?

I’m very often inspired, last week I played with Tobi Neumann, a good friend of mine. I love nearly all his sets.

What DJs and producers continue to make an impression on you these days?

Catz N Dogs, Davide Squillace and Luca Donzelli are the ones for me now.

So what’s the best thing about going out in Ibiza these days? Where would you recommend we go?

I would recommend to study the island and not only focus on the party side, there is more to do and time for all.

Mar-T’s Sake EP is out now on Celesta

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