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Lamache is becoming part of the furniture in our beloved Leeds. Playing the free soirees at Distrikt, the Discbar front man chats to us for 60 seconds ahead of his show this weekend with Mugpie.

This week in Barcelona was amazing, I really had a great time.  I played two gigs this year. The first one was with my dear tINI, alongside Thomas Melchior, Molly and Isabella — we had a lot of fun and shots. My second gig was with Yoyaku and that was a blast as well. I just joined the agency recently, so it was my first party with them, alongside my friends and amazing artists also; Cabanne, Lowris, Zendid, Maayan Nidam, Janeret, Varhat, Oshana and Roger Geressen. I love going to Barcelona, a bit of the beach, a bit of the food, some sun, friends and parties…what else can you want hehe!

Tell us about being with Toi Toi too, and how that helped you developed your musical knowledge moving forward?

Toi Toi is part of what I am as an artist, I grew up with Isis and Claus for 6 years. We had some amazing times! First of all, the parties were pretty amazing, and very underground back in the day.  Also, we used to have a proper sound system and that made the difference. Not everybody could hope to have this experience of learning how to play records for a crowd on a loud sound system. Everything changes with a real sound — sometimes I was even rediscovering some of my records. And then, they gave me this after hours education that I didn’t have in France. Plus, as a bonus all the good line ups we used to have. I mean, my first gig was with Delano Smith, second was with Zip and third with Mr. G…

Living in London must have given you a different concept to the music industry, how has that been for you and how does it compare to Berlin?

I was very lucky to first move to Paris, then London and now Berlin.  I learned and lived in  three different cultures and I love that. I started with the wild frenchies, then grew up a bit more with the intensity of London, and finally now living with the Berliners marathonians’, where parties are longer and more relaxed compared to London or Paris.
But which city do I love the most? I don’t think I can answer to this… they have such a different charm and are
all part of my life. I am happy to say that I am a European.

Tell us about playing here in Leeds, what can we expect from a Lamache performance?

I am excited to come back to Leeds. I have great memories of that gig when I came last year.

So what should we expect?

Some party and sexy music I guess. The party needs to be sexy in my eyes, it is very important. I don’t have a specific sound, I go a bit everywhere in my own way. 

What do you like about Distrikt, the venue?

I played once for the boys at Mugpie at Distrikt and I loved this group of people.  Talented, humble and funny lads, everything we like when we share music with people right?
I am very excited and happy to
be coming back.

Tell us about Discobar and what you have coming up?

Discobar is promising a lot of things before the end of the year. I have already prepared the Discobar 09, 10 and 11. Working hard! Some new artists; and some old ones that I want, and will always push and play with. I have some interesting projects with other labels also, but I cannot say much about this yet as it is still in progress.

How do you try and keep it different to other labels that come out of Berlin?

With Discobar, the way I do it feels the natural way for me. I meet people, listen to their music, and, if it makes sense in my ears and heart, then I take that person into the family.
The last addition was Darren Allen, and I am
really so happy to release his music. He is such a strong dj, he has his own style and sound. Plus, he is one of the sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever met.  The music of all the artists I release is very specific to them; and I love that, but in a way it is all linked. I take the final decision but before that, I always talk about it with Robin Ordell, Zendid and Digby. We all sit down and talk about the music and the idea behind it — I love that and I am so happy those guys are now all connected.

What else do you have coming up for the rest of the summer?

Summer is all about, some Club Der Visionaere actions, some Ibiza sessions also, at Sankeys and Underground… A few festivals in Europe and then at the end of August I’ll go back to South America again, which I am really happy about.  I love going there, it is important to me and the people are very special. I feel like I have a good connection with the people I play for in South America.

Thank you so much again for the invitation. I am looking forward to this gig and I hope I’ll see many happy faces that day. We will have a blast all together that’s for sure.

For more information click here – https://www.facebook.com/distriktbarleeds


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