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The duo that make up Acid Mondays have had a rip roaring summer with gigs at DC10 and tracks on good friend Yousefs Circus label, the two piece have set the bar even higher for the Autumn season. With forthcoming tracks on Hotflush and Guy Gerbers Rumours imprint, we sit sit down with Negghead and Lex about their next show at The Rainbow this weekend.

How has Ibiza been this summer? What’s it like playing DC10?

Ibiza’s been great as usual. It’s always changing and different every year but always a good experience, even if it gets a bit bumpy at times. Playing at DC10 is amazing, really grateful to be able to play at one of our favorite clubs in the world alongside so many friends and inspiring artists.

What makes Ibiza so special and different? Why does it remain a hotbed, what do you love it so?

The Island has so much special energy all year round. It brings people together from all around the world from every type of background all to celebrate life. It’s a place where you can still be free to be creative and push the boundaries of what you want to do. Music, Food, People, Thinking & Understanding are all reasons why we love Ibiza.

You’ve also hooked up with Circus for a new EP right – tale us how that came about and what influenced the EP?

Yousef is a very good friend of ours and we’d been wanting to do a follow up to the 1st EP we’d released on Circus for a while. We generally don’t have any preconceived ideas or plans when we start a tune, we tend to just go with the flow but we definitely had Yousef in mind when we made the 2 tunes for this EP.

And what are some of the best, worst or craziest things you have seen since together on tour?

We have seen lots of crazy things on tour but most of them are for our eyes only, but one time we saw two guys In the airport lounge in Abu Dabi casually waiting for their flight both with Eagles on each arm. Never knew Eagles like’d to fly business class.

Do you DJ one each B2B or do half hour each or how does it work? Is it hard to get a flow going?

We generally always play B2B although sometimes we play with 2 mixers and 4 decks. We always find it easy to get a flow going, we’ve got similar tastes in music and know our tunes so we just try and enhance the energy and the vibe of what’s in front of us.

And what about in the studio, do you each have set roles, things you do such as bass or keys or is it more fluid?

No we don’t have set roles, we both play instruments, engineer, arrange etc so it’s a pretty fluid experience when we’re in the studio together. We’ve got our studio set up so that we can both be working on things at the same time rather than having to take it in turns or anything like that

What do you like to do outside of music? How do you like to spend your hard earned cash?

Outside of music? Not sure what that is!! We’re generally just always listening to, buying, playing and creating music. We both like psychedelic art and all things cosmic.

You play The Rainbow in Birmingham this weekend – whats your relationship with the place like, any great stories or fond memories?

We’ve got a really good relationship with the guys behind the Rainbow, we’ve played there a few times now and always have a good one. The fondest memory has to be playing at the last ever Below party. There were so many of our friends all there in one place and it was such a special day so we were buzzing to be involved in that one.

What will you pack, what should people expect, what you into right now?

We just pack loads of really good tunes. Expect energy, beats, vocals and sleazy grooves.

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?

We’ve got a remix of one of Scuba’s album tunes coming out soon on Hotflush and then we’ve got an EP coming at the end of the year on Guy Gerber’s Rumours label. We also have some really good gigs coming up over the next few months including our first appearance in Room 1 at Fabric alongside Craig Richards & Seth Troxler, that’s on December 12th.

Acid Mondays play The Rainbow ‘The Haunting’ this weekend - www.therainbowvenues.co.uk

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