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The Berlin based pairing of long time friends and studio collaborators, Bloody Mary and Attan return to Bloody Mary’s Dame Music imprint with the first in a series of heavy hitting EP’s under the guise of “The Jaydes” . Volume 1 strikes a finely tuned balance between House and Techno, they have also mixed this with a heavy does of acid to complete the 4 track package. I caught up with The Jaydes to find out a little more about their EP and what they have in store for the future….


Your new EP “The Jaydes Live Vol 1” EP is about to drop, tell us a bit more about the EP?

We made the tracks recently as part of our live set. After testing them out on the dance floor, it was obvious that they worked well so we did a series of one-take recordings and had them pressed to vinyl on Dame-Music.

You have named it Vol 1, can we expect many more volumes?
We have a bunch of tracks which have been taken from the live set, so there will definitely be some more volumes to follow.

I am a massive fan of the EP, it’s a great mix of old school house and techno with a little acid thrown in. Do these tracks remind you of a specific point in your clubbing upbringing?

We grew up in the 90’s so for sure we had a huge influence from Acid house and what was going on in the UK back then. We are also influenced by 90’s house music from Chicago, so in our live set we try to merge all these sounds together, and this is what you can hear in the Vol 1 EP.

Did you have any other influences when recording the EP?

The only other influence in our lab comes from life in general.

Who does what on the EP and in the studio in general?

Depends on the mood of the day… we work as a team and don’t have any rules. We both complement each other playing the drums or playing the keys.

What is your favourite piece/s of kit used on the EP?

Xoxbox, without a doubt.

What do you have planned touring wise? Can we expect you to be playing some far-flung locations soon?

We are currently busy working on music in our lab. Some new projects are in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

What else do you have coming up on Dame-Music?

The next vinyl release is Bloody Mary’s EP (end of June 2016), which will be followed by a Various Artists EP in September.

Seb & Mary aka The Jaydes


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