5 Minutes With… Simion


Simion is a DJ/producer that is more than accustomed to regularly serving up dance floor dynamite to the masses. A man with ties to labels such as Hedonism, OFF Recordings, and Suara he is a more than a trusted hand in the studio. Now with a release ‘Can You Feel It’ out on Berlin based imprint Mother Recordings, we sat down with him to talk his recent ep, and how we became acquainted to the Mother guys…

Introduce yourself, explain how you got into dance music and why you love it so much?

I was growing up in Germany and it was all about House and Techno music. First time I was getting in touch with electronic music, my brother gave me a mix from Sven Väth. I still enjoy his sets from time to time.

What is an average week in your life like – do you have a set routine?

Well, there is a bit of a routine. I am going to the gym or playing tennis right after breakfast and afterwards going to the studio.

What is it like living life on the road – do you have to do things to stay sane and healthy? Gym, eating well, and so on?

I go to the gym on a regular base and i try to stay in hotels with a gym. Unfortuntaly not every promoter sees this needs. Eating well is always a good option, but very hard to do on a airport

How do you feel when you get good chart placing? Do you take it as feedback on the release and try do the same next time you are in the studio?

Not really. It is always flattering to get great feedback, but it would not work copying a old idea.

Tell us about Can You Feel it – what inspired or influenced it?

Actually i was jamming around with some 90’s house records and that’s how i got inspired.

Should or can dance music have a social or political conscious? Or should it be about having fun and escaping real life?

It should definatly not have any political conscious. It is all about fun.

What key lessons have you learnt in your 20 year career? What has got easier, what has got harder?

Blime me it is not 20 year. Anyway the lesson I always learned is ‘work harder’.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

I am really excited having ‘Can U Feel It’ released on Mother. Hopefully we can do a follow up pretty soon. There are also some new releases lined up on Simma Black, Hedonism Music and Snatch later on this year.

What was the last record that you heard that really made you sit up and go ‘wow’ and why?

It was a Dennis Ferrer remix for Sabb. He added so much emotion in this mix, which is really outstanding for a dance record.

What is the best or worse job you have done aside from DJing and making music? Can you tell us?

I did pretty much everything to finance my music and studies.

Simions ‘Can You Feel It’ is out now and available here.

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