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Raw natural talent and a distinct dedication to electronic music has resulted in SamU.L developing into one of the UK’s most exciting young artists, equally gifted as a producer and DJ. He took some time out of his busy schedule to give us in an insight into the life of SamU.L.

How are you, whats been good, what’s been bad recently?

I’m really good, Thanks. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the first few months of the year on the beach. this is not what most of you might be thinking. Its a freezing cold beach in England. But its been great to clear my head and helps me focus back in the studio.

What is an average day in your life like? Do you make music every day, or do yoga, or walk the dog – do you have a routine?

Yes, I have a routine for the gym and digging for music, preparing for gigs etc. However when it comes to making music you can’t really force or constrain workflow. Its certainly not a regular 9 – 5. Ill often come up with ideas when I’m no where near the studio.

Do you think you have a distinctly UK sound, are you inspired by UK roots and dance culture or do you look elsewhere for you inspirations?

In regards to production, I would say my earliest electronic influences were predominantly coming from German record labels. I’m not saying that my sound is strictly German, but i wouldn’t say it was straight UK either, somewhere in between maybe.

What is your signature style? Do you always hope to have a certain sound, kick, groove, melody in your tracks or is every one different?

I think most producers have a signature style even if they don’t realise it themselves.

Occasionally i’ll set out to create something and get it down exactly how I intended. But most of the time I build a track piece by piece, and I’ll always focus in on the bottom end of my tracks in particular.

Tell us about your own studio gear and process – what toys and tools have you got and how do you approach each new track?

I mainly use software and sampling, MIDI controllers, keyboards etc, and I also use a bass guitar, Korg Analogue synths and a field recorder. I have an analogue studio mixer where all the signals are split up across separate channels, then I’ll record a master out signal.

I was lucky enough to inherit an eclectic collection of records from my Dad, so i’ve been building sample libraries for years from them.

Do you tailor each one to the label it is being released on? Do you make them fit or just jam away and see what happens?

its always best to build something organically with out trying too much to specifically stick to a sound or style to fit a label, however its probably going to be in the back of your mind. from personal experience, I had produced 2 tracks, with a label in mind for each one. both were rejected, so I offered them up the other way round and both signed.

As a DJ, what is your style? Do you have a certain approach to sets, are you critical afterwards, do you have a certain favourite type of venue to play?

I started out djing at student parties and commercial clubs, which meant playing for the crowd 100%. So a part of this mentality has stayed with me. I’ll always try to push my new productions and play fresh music, but including something familiar in all of my sets is almost guaranteed.

I definitely approach each set/gig individually. if it is a new venue/city/country to me then i’ll do what research i can beforehand to prepare for the set. if its somewhere I’ve played before, i’ll draw on past experiences to help prepare for this one. personally i think my production sound is more suited for smaller intimate clubs/venues, so its where i’m most comfortable playing.

What will you plan for the City Sound Festival in the UK? Will you have any tricks up your sleeves?

I’ve been working on a lot of new material this year, most of which has been kept close to my chest, so this is an ideal opportunity for a few road tests.

Have you seen some of the venues? They are like heritage sites, old historic spaces and wild buildings – will that effect how you play?

No i haven’t seen them yet, but they sound wicked! the surroundings always influence the way i play, whether that be acoustically or mood or both.

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?

I’ve recently signed 2 ep’s that i’m particularly proud of. let me say that one of these tracks will be a welcome release as its one that a lot of people and myself have wanted out for a long, long time. Including a remix from Dorian Paic. Plus a remix from Martin Landsky.

The second will be a 4 track original Vinyl release on Alex Arnout’s imprint, Dogmatik.

I’m also very excited to be part of the return of Renaissance, the launch night takes place in London 21st May, The Steelyard, with Art Department, Chaim and myself.

Catch Samu.L at City Sound Project 2016 over may bank holiday weekend.

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