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Glue Music, the imprint headed up by Richard Seeley, have taken their music to wax with their debut vinyl release from the main man himself. We caught up with Seeley following the release, covering everything from the history of the label, to his studio, to a deeper look into this stellar EP…


When writing music do you have a certain club or crowd in mind? Are you imagining hearing it on the dance floor?

Not really to be honest, I write what I would dance too and/or what I would consider slightly different in terms of grabbing some attention even if it may be the wrong reasons. I’d rather you love or hate my music no middle ground. I will definitely be inspired if I have been to a certain club or listened to a certain DJ or producer. I like to take inspiration from my mood at the time and approaching the track differently in terms of if I start with some hardware sampling, a melody, a live recorded vocal, a live percussion recording. Of course I imagine it being played on a loud system, I have some martin audio speakers for play back for this very reason ;)

What gear do you use in the studio? Hardware or software? Any favourite toys or tools?

I have a very large Studio Desk I recently purchased from Simon Shackleton, PC , Allen and Heath QU16 mixing desk, Helicon vocal fx, Shure mic, Moog Sub 37, TR909, loads of percussion instruments, hi hat with stand, shakers, cabasa, tambourine etc… Software I use mainly Ableton Live it allows you to get ideas down really quick then I run it through the QU16 desk and other software to give it some depth I really like recording live samples, gives the track some frequency changes/depth and my fav is moog Sub37 synth really mean low end stuff going on and great oscillation and an infinite amount of parameters.

How long did it take you to find your own sound? Are you still searching? Do you try new toys, tools and techniques often to keep things fresh or do you have your ways?

I hear/read people say I have a sound but I just don’t really know how it is defined? I’m not searching no, I do programme nearly everything though, as in I don’t use pre recorded audio clips and loop them, I create them myself then use them so maybe that could define my sound some-what. I try fresh approaches all the time, and also different states of mind to keep the ideas as innovative as possible.

Tell us why you have decided to make your label a vinyl label after being digital before now – what informed that?

Something physical and tangible. There is nothing wrong with digital releases at all however, I also like to do things to best of my ability and then improve, evolve, define, implement and maintain it’s how I approach everything. To me creating records and releasing them was always on the agenda it is a lot of hard work and patience coming to fruition and a personal accomplishment I set out to complete. Now I want adapt the aforementioned improve, evolve, define, implement and maintain…

Do you collect vinyl? How long for? What are some favourites? Why is wax so loved around the world?

I do collect vinyl. I’ve collected vinyl since 1993. To many favs to mention. Wax is loved because the nature of the sound, the physical being of a record cannot be beaten in terms of the analogue sound by any other format can it? I don’t think so…

How does it change things? How much more money will you have to put in? how much longer will releases take? Have you got a P&D deal?

For me it changes my problems. As in I now have new problems. I like and embrace new problems. New problems equal evolution. Same problems means you need to change yourself or circumstances. New problems means your are entering a new comfort zone, mostly. Not so much money but time into A+R is going to be the one thing that is at the top of the agenda with out stating the obvious. Releases will come when the music is ready and how quick we can get them pressed and out. Currently I do have a P&D deal. I hope to maintain this.

Tell us about the first release you have done for it – what’s the vibe, who is it aimed at?

The first release is really a different style for me and I was pushing for a change in direction for Maria. There is piano in it! If you listened to my back catalogue there is not a lot of piano to be found. The vibe for Maria is quite a feel good track maintaining a raw edge I feel with the ‘Got the taste’ and ‘Beaner’ remixing ‘Maria’ gives the record a distinctive sound that only Beaner could manage.

Who is Maria, the name of the first track? Can you tell us? Why use her name here?

I wrote Maria in 2012 shortly after meeting her. The ominous start of the track to where it ends up is quite a metaphor for where I was and how I felt after meeting her. We are still with one another today.

How did you decide on who would remix this one? Is it someone you know or were they picked for their style?

Beaner is an old friend(now) we met because he very kindly offered me is sofa in 2011 I think?- when I was visiting Berlin I took it! We have kept in touch ever since he is a brilliant DJ/Producer, owns and runs La Mission records and he wears a blouse better than any other man I’ve met.

What else have you got coming up/are you excited about for this summer?

I am excited! Lots on the horizon. I’ve built a brand new studio and have some collabs coming up. Got a great remix completed by a brilliant producer but you will have to wait and see. Maybe a label party or two neither in the UK though. Keep an eye on the facebook page, twitter etc ….for more info

Thank you very much for the questions. It was a pleasure to answer them.


Maria is out now and available here

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