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5 Minutes with Phill…

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Phill, a new face on Extravaganza, and a super cool music producer and DJ resident of the party LIQVID in Livorno, popped into the office to talk his latest release ‘Displaced’ and his roots in electronic music…

Tell us a bit about yourselves, how would you describe your musical background?

Hello everybody! Well, I’m from Livorno, a tuscanian small city on the sea called Livorno. I’m cool and a simple guy, my hobby is the production of electronic music and to DJ with the Extravaganza and LIQVID crew. My mother plays the piano very well and I’ve learned it from her since I was young. Later, when I was around 16 years old, I discovered the incredible world of electronic music and all the club culture…and then I said to myself that I wanted to use my skills in this kind of music production. A few years ago I went to live in NYC for a while, and it was in this period that I was a student of the mighty Dubspot (an electronic music and DJ school based in NYC) and I learned so many other things connected to the music production. With this I’ve reached a new artistic level of composition that ended up in the production of this last EP.

What is it that pulled you towards electronic music, there must have been a pivotal moment?

I remember when I was a child I usually went to a historic club in my area called “KAMA KAMA”, where you could listen to the major underground DJs of that moment…acts like Loco Dice, Luciano and Villalobos to name few. They were my first experiences, and I loved it soo much!! This club influenced me a lot but, the moment when I decided to take part in this world was after my first experience at Love Family Park so many years ago, and it was great trust me. In that period it wasn’t like today, there were not so many festivals and big events of electronic music around, it was a really new business, there was a fresh air of party everywhere! A really amazing experience that gave the final touch of my need to be part of this world!

Who are your biggest inspirations for your productions?

I haven’t yet a name here…there are so many…but for sure I can say that Tensnake influenced me a lot latel, and my favourite label of all time is Defected.

How does your studio look right now, do you tend to use entirely software these days or is it mixture?

I have a little studio just a few Kms out of the city and it is shared with other friends, DJs and music producers from here. It’s a good place for sharing ideas and new music. I grew up a lot since I’m there!

At the moment I use only digital synths and vst,  I’m just a newcomer so the time to buy some analog monsters will come for sure. Next step is to buy a micro korg and a moog synth for sure, but for now I’m ok with all my digital machines :-)

Tell us a little more about your release about to drop on Extravaganza?

This release reflects my artistic profile 100%, I love to use voices, smooth synths and a lot of melodies. I love to make party music with some love feelings inside. 

I’ve worked hard for this EP, it is very important for me because this is my second released EP, and the first one on the label where I’ve collaborated since the very beginning. All the music here comes from my soul, when I listen to this EP, I still have goosebumps. It reflects perfectly my mood, that I’d love to have summer time all the year long!!!

And why did you choose the remixers that you did?

I chose Christian because I think that he is an amazing producer. His sound is big and very housey, and here I would love to have a more party-rocket oriented remix of my track, just to complete the package in the best way. His remix is so gangsta house…I’m still dancing on it!

What label out there would you say is most similar to yours in regards to what they stand for and the music you put out?

Only one love: Defected. I follow this label since my very first approach to electronic music and still today it gives me a lot of inspirations.

Are there any upcoming artists out there who you would tip to go great things over the coming year?

I love Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones and all the Hot Creations crew…they are doing amazing work out there!! 

Phill’s ‘Displaced’ is out now on Extravaganza

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