5 Minutes With… Loquace

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Having just released a truly sublime EP on the Serialism imprint, we had the chance to grab 5 minutes with the super talent that is Loquace. Check out the full interview below.

How are you? Tell our readers about you for those that might not be so familiar with you?

Hello everyone, I’m really good thank you! My name is Loic alias Loquace, I’m a French electronic dj/producer based in South of France..

How did you get into electronic music? What was it that initially drew you in?

I got into electronic music when I was 18 years old. My first night in a club, let me fall in love with the art of deejing..

I was already a house lover so I went directly in this direction.

You hail from France – Would you say your surroundings have clearly affected your DJ and Production style?

Yes of course, I learn a lot in my city, where I did my first warm up and gigs. I remember my friend who was resident, being really helpful and showing me how to understand people and play with the crowd.. I also started to produce with artists like Clio or Yamen & EDA, we grow up now, and it’s funny to see the progress.. even if we still have long way!

Tell us about your latest EP Transitions – what inspired it or influenced it?

Nothing in particularly, I mean everything could inspire or influence, I just let the emotions speak and inspirations of the moment.. Could do something house then more techno.. will depend what I experiment with my machines..

How did your relationship with such a successful imprint Serialism come about? 

 I’ve been in touch with Cesare for the first time, when we are dealing for a synth, that he sold me. After exchanging few mails we quickly had the wish to meet up.. Sonar came right after, so I’d been to Serialism showcase to see Cez and Phillipe..

Feeling did the rest.. what I can say, Serialism is a real family for me.. lots of labels could take the example… they push you in the right way!

And what are you most proud of in your short career so far? What do you think is your best achievement?

The thing that I’m most proud of is probably my label.. Earlydub Records. I started it 6 years ago, it has been digital for the 4 first years.. but I had the wish to switch format after my own first vinyl release on Kiara Records. I realise the importance when you are an artist to have an object, a physical trace of your work. It will be the fifth record after summer..

What else you got coming up/are you excited about?

I’ve been working on my first EP on Earlydub, 4 tracker EP, the next release so.. You can also expect new “LYE” (Loquace / Yamen & EDA) music coming out soon.. We actually are working on something for a good French label..

How do you like to spend your money and relax away from music? What are your hobbies?

I don’t relax a lot away from music, maybe I should ahah, but the best way to spend my money is new gear and stuff for the studio of course.. Sports also sometimes.. it’s always nice for my mind!

Loquace’s ‘Transitions’ is out now on Serialism 

Grab it here – https://www.beatport.com/release/transitions/1775993

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